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What is Facebook Page Transparency and How Does It Work?

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Today, Facebook is making significant steps to bring more transparency to ads. Due to previous issues piling up on Facebook ads, the public demanded more transparency on how ads are being filtered and what companies are running ads on the platform. As part of the upgrade, Facebook decided to give users more information on the ads they see as well as businesses and organizations with established pages on the social platform. Here’s how you can make use of the new Facebook feature:
  1. Visit a business page.
  2. You will find a tab named Page Transparency wherein you can view basic but useful information about the business such as:
    • When the page was created
    • The page’s past names (if any)
    • How often the page has changed its name page has changed its name
Facebook is also expanding access to its Ad Library framework so that journalists, regulators and others can investigate ads in terms of political ads. But first, let’s learn the basics of this new Facebook feature – the Ad Library.

What is Facebook Ad Library?

The Ad Library is a feature on Facebook that provides advertising transparency through a comprehensive presentation of a searchable collection of all ads currently running from across Facebook products. Any Facebook user can freely navigate the Ad Library with or without a Facebook account. In the library, you can view all active ads, regardless if you were not included in the advertiser’s target audience.

How does the Ad Library work?

The Ad Library allows users to view all active ads about any topic. One may simply search for the page or keyword using the search bar. Here’s an example by Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur for an easy reference.
Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur
As shown in the image above, Facebook now shows you detailed insights, aside from the active ads, including:
  • Page creation date, previous page merges, and name changes
  • Primary country location of people who manage the page
In addition, users can also report an ad for policy violations directly from within the library. This feature allows users to help Facebook identify pages using questionable tactics and/or spread misinformation. Furthermore, it helps users easily spot ad accounts that have the potential to do harm. The ability to see exactly what ads a Facebook page is running is particularly useful for your business. The new Facebook Ad Transparency is one step towards earning back user trust. The majority of ads on Facebook are run by legitimate organizations including IH Digital, who is fully compliant with the new Facebook Ads Transparency policy.

Now that Facebook manages Page Transparency for you. It’s time you add more value to your Facebook page to increase your followers! But how?

Aside from gaining online credibility, it is also a must for businesses on Facebook to create meaningful content and images. This way, your followers will tremendously increase in no time. But this is no piece of cake if you have little time to manage a full-time Facebook page. This is when you will need a digital marketing agency like IH Digital whose only aim is to give you a simplified but effective social media marketing strategy from content writing to community management. Many business owners choose to partner with a digital marketing agency to manage their social media page and ad campaigns. Interested in partnering with a digital marketing agency? Speak with our Marketing Expert through this contact form.