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WeChat Marketing: 3 Things You Need To Know to Tap the Chinese Market

China-mobile-marketingCould WeChat marketing be the next step to take for your business? Here are 3 things to know before starting your China marketing efforts.

Over the years, communication greatly advanced with the help of technology and sending messages have never been this easier. Multiple messaging apps are available for download, making it today’s tool of conversation between billions of people online, particularly in China which has over 7 million internet users. WeChat, the messaging app that is dominating the Chinese market, has continued to show strength in numbers and intuitive innovations, by offering capabilities that other social media platforms do not. Marketers are slowly considering WeChat marketing as one of their content marketing strategies as this could help launch their businesses to new heights.

3 things you need to know before starting your WeChat marketing campaign

  • WeChat is the Facebook of China

In the West, Facebook reported billions of active users daily, making it the first social media platform to exceed the billion user mark. With WeChat in China, it’s the same, boasting over 700 million users.

Considered as an all-around-app, this Chinese social media platform has continued to capture the Chinese market because of its innovations. WeChat enables the users to do their everyday conversation and transaction – from paying the bills, manage their bank accounts, order food, buy clothes, and read news – all just inside the app.

  • Quality Content is key

WeChat, originally named Weixin in Chinese, was the brainchild of Tencent back in 2011. They spotted the coming trends of mobile marketing in China and wanted to innovate a smartphone-only messaging app.

Chinese is used as the standard language within the app. Being able to craft a high-quality content in the local language, whether its audio messages, videos, photos, or texts – is crucial if you want to successfully expand your business using WeChat.

  • Start your e-commerce with WeChat

Tencent saw a another business opportunity and wanted to compete with Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba by allowing brands to open WeChat accounts and transact using a payment system. Now, WeChat uses in-store cashless payments, having one-third of WeChat users making regular online purchases directly through the app.

What makes WeChat marketing a viable strategy for China marketing and overall content marketing

WeChat’s move to integrate brands in chat as well as third-party services certainly make it a viable platform for China marketing. It’s features that are not yet present to ubiquitous messaging apps also creates a possibility for a successful WeChat for business worldwide.

Indeed, WeChat is a major threat to its competitors. An all-in-one platform that clearly changes the course of digital marketing is something that businesses are constantly eyeing.

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