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WeChat Marketing Is The Key To Reach Chinese Consumers Effectively

WeChat Marketing Is The Key To Reach Out To Chinese Consumer Effectively

WeChat is considered an integral part of life to many Chinese users. They are not just looking at their friend’s most recent photos on this platform, they are also paying for bills, ordering food, reading news, shopping, and so much more. 

It’s no wonder, then, that when a Chinese users travel out of China, whether it’s for work, tourism or study, they remain attached to the platform with which they are most familiar. As of 2021, WeChat active social users accounts for 41.5% of the total internet users in Malaysia.

therefore, for any businesses in Malaysia wishing to connect with Chinese consumers, WeChat is a must-have promotional tool in your China digital marketing strategy.

WeChat active users in Malaysia WeChat accounts for 41.5% of total internet users in Malaysia in 2021 I DataReportal

How Can IH Digital Help Your Company Set Up A WeChat Official Account?

1. WeChat Official Account Setup & Verification

There are several ways brands can promote themselves on WeChat, but first you need to set up an Official Account (OA) that allows you to publish content and gather followers.

In IH Digital, we can help you set up and get your business account verified to show the authenticity of your account, gain better visibility, improve customer service and social engagement.

Official Account (OA) verification requires you to provide documentation and the process is rather cumbersome. Therefore, we are here to save your time, get in touch with us to speed up the verification process.

2. Content Creation & Page Management to Build & Engage Chinese Followers

Once you have your Official Account set up, you need to spread the word about your business through content marketing.

We have the language capabilities in generating articles to engage with your Chinese audience consistently, backed by our content marketing team in China. Apart from that, we’ll be helping you in dealing with social media queries as key part of maintenance of the channel.

3. WeChat Advertising to Maximise Exposure

Simply publishing content is not enough to get you massive followers, you can achieve the widest reach through WeChat Ads. In order to advertise on WeChat, you need a verified Official Account. Once you have that in place, you have to apply for the right to advertise on the platform.

There are 14 industries that are eligible for WeChat advertising, while some industries are banned from WeChat advertising altogether. If your business is within the 14 industries, we can support you in launching ad campaign, from setting up ad placement, ad targeting to budgeting.

14 eligible industries for WeChat Ads

The platform provides a lot of ad placements,. If you are not sure which is the best placement for your ad, our experienced media team is able to help. We are the Official Sales Partner for WeChat, we can help you register an ad account, manage and optimise your WeChat ads efficiently. 

Type of WeChat Ads

Official Account Ads & Moments Ads on WeChat

4. Account & Media Analysis for Better Campaign Results

To give you a transparent and clear overview of how is your channel performing, we will create and share you an informative and easy-to-read account and media report monthly.

Based on the report, we will advise some improvements that can be made to better fit the wants and needs of your audience. 

Case Study: YUAN Skincare & Soap

yuan soap WeChat marketing

Start Reaching Chinese Consumers by Setting Up A WeChat Official Account

Our team of professionals will take a deep dive into your business and determine the optimal channels and advertising strategies for marketing your business to Chinese consumers.

If you are ready to take the leap and win the Chinese market, we can help you get started with WeChat digital marketing. Schedule a consultation with our China digital marketing team today.

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