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Engage your audience with Video Marketing

Engage your audience with Video MarketingEngage your audience with Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of many marketing strategies that helps to reach the brand’s desired audience. It is a tool to encourage and entice the target audience through social media contents like how-to videos, Facebook live streams, video infographics, and etc. Video marketing is the future of content marketing because of its broad and wide reach of audience.

Why explore video marketing?

Since videos are getting much attention than texts, a lot of digital marketing practices involved animated GIFs and videos. Consumers prefer content that could keep up with their active lifestyle. A content that can be easily accessed with just a click and play. According to the news shared by Forbes, 80% of web traffics in 2019 were caused by video in pages and sites. This number shows the impact of video in marketing today, additionally, 64% of consumers are most likely to buy products after watching a promotional video. Thus, making video marketing a powerful digital media strategy that could help the brand’s equity and value.

What is the difference between promotional images and videos?

Images are also good in presenting your brand through social media platforms and could create a viral sensation. However, the two-way flow of information between the brand and its audience is always present whenever marketers use video marketing to promote. Using videos as a marketing strategy could help your digital media marketing campaign be more interactive and interesting. Just like how Honda Malaysia kick-off their new BR-V product video.

Honda Malaysia image post

Honda Malaysia video post

Video marketing with IH Digital

IH Digital has expertise in video creation such as GIF, micro videos, motion graphics, product videos, campaign videos and more that could help brands promote their products and services in social media sites. Explore the area of video marketing with our digital media marketing campaigns, drop your details here.