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Video Marketing Feature: IH Digital’s Corporate Video Productions


Videos are tearing up the online marketing field for its significant role in content marketing of brands this year. Marketing and advertising opportunities increase as video platform’s growth in terms of views and engagement continue to rise. It is no wonder well-thought video marketing content is occupying social media and search that we have never seen before. This changes the game in online marketing as more businesses focus their attention to new digital marketing actions to rake in more sales and enhance brand awareness.

Our social media agency in Singapore, IH Digital Singapore, has created digital video content and video marketing campaigns for partner brands. With our video marketing services, we will help brands in their content strategies using the video platform, from conceptualization, video production, and distribution to amplification to make sure you reach and take the best share of the market. Seeing corporate video production as an excellent choice to create more marketing breaks, we have incorporated video streaming platforms such as YouTube to thrust our partner brands to the limelight. The video trend won’t die out soon and it will only grow in the coming years as shown by Cisco.

Whereas YouTube still takes the crown as the biggest video marketing platform, Facebook video is not far behind. According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook video acquired more than 8 billion views each day. As a social media platform, Facebook video became a favoured platform by many brands to reach their target audience. Below are some of the video campaigns and video materials we created to support our partner brands’ campaigns.

In addition, IH Digital supports several languages across Asia to give you quality marketing content that is localised to capture your target audience. By subscribing to our video marketing package, we will ensure that your corporate videos are uploaded on popular channel easily accessible by the vast majority of your target market. Your audience will only be exposed to quality branded content that is easily consumable. Because these channels allow advertising on their pages, we can make them more visible to viewers using their targeting tools. At the end of the day, the competition will be determined by your targeting precision, video quality and delivery of the message.

Video marketing content is occupying social media and search that we have never seen before

Our effective implementation of video marketing campaigns using digital media can make your brand stand out from the competition. Contact IH Digital Singapore here to know more and we will be in touch with you shortly.