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B2B Marketing: Amplify Your Brand’s Online Presence with LinkedIn Ads

B2B Marketing: LinkedIn Ads Malaysia | Digital 38

When it comes to B2B marketing, savvy brands and businesses know that leveraging LinkedIn Ads can be a beneficial decision and without further ado, take a look at how Veolia Water is acing it for their expansion plans in Malaysia and the Asia-Pacific region.  

French multinational water solutions provider Veolia Water Technologies is set to boost its online presence in the Asia-Pacific. And they chose to promote their upcoming events through LinkedIn Ads as part of their strategies. 

Veolia APAC Division turned to LinkedIn ads to spread the word about their F&B Webinar titled Robust and Cost-Efficient Solution to FOGs Removal in Your ETP. The ads targeted members of the food and beverage industry, and water treatment in the Philippines.  

The webinar served as a virtual crash course for water treatment facilities and other similar industries to come up with solutions in addressing fat, oil, grease and suspended solids building on their effluent treatment processes.  

In turn, Veolia was not only able to increase sign-ups for their webinar event. But LinkedIn Ads also helped them drive more traffic to their website.  

LinkedIn Ads: Why It’s Important? 

Brands must not underestimate LinkedIn’s popularity and ability to help them grow. Not only does it rank together with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok in terms of having the largest shares in the social media market.  

LinkedIn sets itself apart from the rest of social networking sites with its capacity to help businesses connect with other businesses and organisations. Most of LinkedIn’s userbase happen to be decision-makers and earth-shakers. Business executives, managers, supervisors, you name them. And their purchasing power is twice that of your average online audience.   

Fortunately, LinkedIn has dozens of tools and solutions for businesses looking to engage in a B2B approach. And publishing LinkedIn ads is just one of them. If you want to know more about running campaigns on LinkedIn, let us help you.   

Doing B2B Marketing the Right Way 

In the B2B marketing world, knowing the right channels you need to effectively connect with your target audience is crucial. This is why brands choose to partner with professionals from Digital 38 who can guide you in doing B2B marketing the right way.  

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We have a dedicated team of social media marketing specialists, equipped with a solid understanding of how popular channels like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn work that will meet your marketing needs.  

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