China Digital Marketing

Weibo Marketing: The Best Way to Reach Out to your Chinese Audience


What comes to mind when you think about China digital marketing? You will definitely think about all the three digital giants in China – WeChat, Sina Weibo and Baidu. I am here today to share about why Weibo marketing is the best way to reach out to your Chinese Audience.

What is Sina Weibo?

With over 600 million users as of 2017, Sina Weibo is one of China’s largest social media platforms where users create, share, and discover Chinese-language content. Evolving from what was initially a microblogging platform akin to Twitter, Sina Weibo has since developed into a fully-integrated platform for content aggregation and distribution – not unlike the Chinese Facebook – with long-form content, multi-media and video streaming features; the latter’s addition securing Sina Weibo’s place as the leading social media platform in China due to its unparalleled use by Chinese celebrities and KOL (key opinion leader) users.

Advertising on Sina Weibo

Adopted by businesses for social media marketing since 2011, Sina Weibo allows enterprises to promote their brands, products, and services to the platform’s large base of Chinese social media users. Sina Weibo offers a wide variety of advertising and marketing solutions, ranging from social display ads, promoted feeds, to event-based ad and activity solutions.

Like every other social media platforms, Weibo advertising allows your business to engage with your social media fans and reach out to a wider audience. The Thailand Siam group – Siam Paragon and the other Siam shopping centres – has been a long-term partner of IH Digital and we have been helping them manage their Sina Weibo page to target thousands of Chinese social media users. With different types of activities solutions available – wall contests and giveaways, your fans will definitely be engaged and stay loyal to your page. You are unable to achieve this form of fan engagement via WeChat or Baidu. This is also why Weibo marketing is the best way to reach out to your Chinese Audience.


Sina Weibo has appointed IH Digital as its official digital marketing agency in Southeast Asia, allowing us to provide Sina Weibo advertising solutions and Weibo account verification services to businesses outside China. Talk to our Chinese digital marketing specialists to start your Weibo marketing campaign now!