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UNIQLO Turns To TikTok For First-Ever Global Campaign #UTPlayYourWorld

UNIQLO and TikTo Launch Global Marketing Campaign

It’s a first on two fronts for UNIQLO. Besides debuting its first global marketing campaign called #UTPlayYourWorld, it also tapped TikTok for the first time. The hashtag challenge sought to engage as many users as possible to create their own TikTok video while wearing their favourite UNIQLO UT collection outfit.

UNIQLO launched the #UTPlayYourWorld campaign on TikTok in 2019 | TikTok marketing agency

UNIQLO launched the #UTPlayYourWorld campaign on TikTok in 2019 | Image source: PR Newswire

The retail brand launched the in-app challenge on 25th June 2019. It was open to TikTokers in the US, France, Japan and Taiwan until 11th July. Up for grabs was a chance to have their own videos played on the monitors of UNIQLO stores worldwide.

Screen grab of the UNIQLO TikTok profile with #UTPlayYourWorld videos | TikTok Marketing Agency

#UTPlayYourWorld videos

The campaign received 709.8 million views and a number of highly-influential TikTok users also joined in on the challenge. Here are some known TikTokers in the US and Japan who participated in case you missed it last year.

Sebastian Bails (US) – 10.5 million followers

@sebastianbailsconfidence is key ❤️ ##UTPlayYourWorld ##PR♬ #UTPlayYourWorld – UNIQLO UT

OurFire (Japan) – 5.7 million followers

@ourfirewe went to a whole new world ##UTPlayYourWorld ##PR ##ad♬ #UTPlayYourWorld – UNIQLO UT

TJ Black (US) – 4.5 million followers

@cloudtalkEveryone’s been doing clown season but how do we feel about robot mimes? ##UTPlayYourWorld ##ad♬ #UTPlayYourWorld – UNIQLO UT

Yua Tsuitsui (Japan) – 361.8k followers

@yuatyyy0118##UTPlayYourWorld ##pr ハルクTシャツでダンシングみんなもぜひUTダンスチャレンジしてみて!!! ##ゆあてぃー♬ #UTPlayYourWorld – UNIQLO UT

Tigh-Z Mona (Japan) – 34.6k followers

@tighz_mona@中野亜紀✨ ##tigh_z ##ダンスボーカルグループ ##運営さんオススメへ連れてって ##ut♬ #UTPlayYourWorld – UNIQLO UT

Why TikTok for the #UTPlayYourWorld Campaign?

With the interactive content that thrives in the platform, it was the ideal platform for UNIQLO to provide users the opportunity to unleash their creativity while creating affinity with the younger generation. Moreover, the #UTPlayYouWorld campaign has effectively demonstrated the UNIQLO UT Collection brand philosophy – “Wear Your World”.

UNIQLO UT Collection | Image source: UNIQLO Malaysia | TikTok Marketing Agency

UNIQLO UT Collection | Image source: UNIQLO Malaysia

UT is UNIQLO’s special collection of graphic t-shirts pop culture icons and influences. Some of the prints featured in the UT Collection include Marvel, Minecraft, Disney, Marvel, Hello Kitty, and Super Mario, among others.

UNIQLO’s TikTok Challenge: Embracing the Creativity of Today’s Generation

According to the VP and Head of Monetization for TikTok Japan Masaki Nishida, “TikTok empowers everyone to be a creator directly from their smartphones and is committed to building a community by encouraging users to share their passion and creative expression through their videos.” The short-form video platform also sees a huge opportunity for brands to connect with today’s generation and widen their reach by harnessing “the native, natural and creative form of content on TikTok.” In a PR Newswire article, he adds that they “are excited to support the #UTPlayYourWorld campaign and look forward to continuously supporting the global creative community in the future.”

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