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Unione Collabs with Top Malaysian Influencer Syedot for Vegan SAJO Ssamjang

Unione Ssamjang

Korean food manufacturing brand Unione has partnered with a top Malaysian influencer as it sets to introduce its latest Halal-certified products to consumers in Malaysia. 

Unione is amplifying its presence in Southeast Asia. Particularly, in key markets like Malaysia. Aside from their Miga Chu Luv instant tteoppoki brand, they are set to roll out Sajo, their vegan and Halal-certified ssamjang brand. To help spread the word about their latest product entry, they have partnered with some of Malaysia’s most famous online personalities, including Syedot. 

Unione Collabs with Top Malaysian Influencer Syedot for Vegan Ssamjang | Digital 38

The Malaysian influencer published short-form videos on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, showing his experience and testimonial for Sajo. All three videos generated a total combined views of over 10,000.  

With Syedot’s collaboration, Unione was able to build brand awareness for Sajo among consumers in Malaysia. 

About Syedot 

Also known as CEO of ASMR, Malaysian influencer Syedot has made a name for himself in Malaysia’s content creation industry. He is known for producing food and cooking vlogs, including his own version of ASMR ‘mukbang’ sessions.  

As of December 2022, Syedot currently has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube. He also has a growing number of followers on Instagram (371,000+) and TikTok (661,000+). 

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