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TikTok: Probably the Best Education Marketing Platform In 2021/2022

TikTok Education Platform

With the rising trend of micro learning, TikTok is now opening new opportunities for education marketing. TikTok’s popularity is truly something to behold: in September 2020, it became the most downloaded social networking app on the planet. As seen in the statistics below, this app hit more than 61 million installs globally, surpassing both giant social media platforms – Facebook and Instagram.  

To gain traction on Facebook and Instagram, you have to first build a network of followers who are interested in seeing your posts and potentially widen the reach. In TikTok, it’s exactly the opposite. If your created super content, it may be seen by as many as one million people. Contact IH Digital to help you in content marketing. 

Top Apps Worldwide for September 2020 by Downloads (Non-Game) | Photo credit: SensorTower 

TikTok Conquers Young Audiences 

Compared to Facebook, TikTok has the perfect audience for your education marketing campaign. The app has skyrocketed among teens and young adultsBelow is the breakdown of each platform’s demographics: 

  • Facebook: Preferred by mature audiences, mostly working adults and older  
  • TikTok: Heavily focus on teenagers  

In fact, 57% TikTok users in SEA are between the ages of 18 and 35 years, whereas majority of Facebook users are between the ages of 25 and 39 yearsAs might be expected, you can directly reach the young users through age-based ad targeting option.

Though Facebook is a well-established platform, they still haven’t managed to overtake TikTok in attracting the attention of young adults. But what drew young generation to this app 

TikTok is known for its short-burst video with 15 to 60 secondswhich is highly preferred by young adolescents with 8-second attention span. Expanding from entertaining videos to educational videos, the user-generated contents on TikTok are getting more insightful, while remaining its fanciness. This is something hard to be found on such of Facebook and Instagram. 

Next, we’ll be revealing why this video-sharing app is a good platform for education marketing.  

TikTok Becomes an Online Learning Platform

In mid-year 2020micro learning trend emerged on TikTok, ushered by the launch of #LearnOnTikTok Program that encourages education institutions, and real-world professional experts to bring creative education videos to the platform.  

Learn onTikTok

Let’s look at a few examples of how the education institutions are using this platform.

1) Management and Science University(MSU) 

Management and Science University (@musmalaysiashowcases all aspects of campus life, events and telling the story of their school. They makcurrent students feel engaged while giving prospective students a glimpse into what life at MSU is like.  

MSU TikTok video

2) Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University (@tsinghua_university) sees TikTok as a recruiting tool. They post fun, engaging video content like showcasing robots that can play music instruments.  

Tshinghua University TikTok Video

3) Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) Singapore 

Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) Singapore sees TikTok as a student recruitment tool. They partnered with a content house, SGAG, to publicise their Early Admissions Exercise with a comedy skit. Ads were launched to encourage more application sign-ups.  

NYP TikTok edu video ad

In Malaysia, users’ interest in education videos is increasing from Jan to Jun 2020 with over 78 million views of the hashtag of #TikTokGuru. This local learning community creates an education marketing opportunity to reach the students by taking learning out of classroom. 

tiktok edu community

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