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Laurier’s Social Media Campaign Boosts Sales

Laurier’s Social Media Campaign Drives Traffic, Conversions | Digital 38

Find out why an effective social media campaign can help you drive conversions to your brand’s official online shop.  

Laurier’s Online Raffle Contest  

Laurier wants to boost sales for their SlimGuard feminine hygiene product in Malaysia. At the same time, they are planning to widen their reach and brand awareness. So, with the help of a digital marketing agency, they leveraged social media to achieve these goals. 

The brand launched a social media campaign, on Facebook and Instagram, called Win With Laurier. But it’s not just your average social media campaign. And it’s not just your average social media campaign. Laurier decided to combine the potential of social networking sites and loyalty programs to take everything up a notch.  

The social media contest, targeting young adult female audiences in Malaysia, enabled Laurier to drive interactions, improve customer loyalty and ultimately, sales. Participants of the contest stand a chance to win cool, high-end gadgets.  

All they have to do is purchase a minimum receipt of SlimGuard products, answer one question, present their receipt, and submit their entry to Laurier’s official WhatsApp account.  

The Win With Laurier contest reached over 500,000 audiences in Malaysia. It also drew more than 300 participants, and most importantly, generated at least 15% in conversions.  

Why Social Media Marketing is Essential?  

The power social media has in store is hard to ignore, especially for brands looking for strategies to connect with a large and diverse audience, and save them time and costs. Learn more about the world of social media marketing by clicking the links below. 

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