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3 Ways to Use Animated GIFs to Boost Social Media Marketing

Social-Media-Marketing-3-Ways-to-Use-Animated-GIF-to-promote-businessHow social media motion graphics can improve businesses’ social media marketing. Here are some examples to get your online marketing campaign started.

GIF or Graphic Interchange Format is now highly popular across social media platforms. Not only does it communicate your message across like photos and text alone, it also gives your content a sense of emotion without the added time longevity of videos. GIFs are simply long enough to send across a message and short enough to keep your audience’s attention. This could also help with your social media marketing campaigns.

Adding eye-catching motion graphics to a digital marketing strategy also shows a brand paying enough attention to internet trends. Plus, GIFs are sharable through social networks like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram which give marketers’ higher reach that can translate into future sales.

How to incorporate Animated GIF to your social media marketing strategy

If you are wondering how to utilize GIFs for your business, here are three effective ways for you to try.

  1. Showcasing your product

The short and easily-digestible nature of GIFs makes it a viable tool to highlight your product. While Jpegs and Pngs are also great for putting your product on display, it simply doesn’t have the “wow” factor that animated gifs possess.

Below is Nivea Singapore’s take on a product feature using animated GIFs.

  1. Promotional Material

Animated GIF is also a much less in-your-face way of announcing promotions. The multiple frames allow marketers’ to incorporate different product which creates added impact.

Panasonic Singapore put the GIF promotional activity to the test with its “’Tis the season for gifts galore” holiday promotion to offer rebates and premium gifts upon purchase.

  1. Facebook Wall Contest Giveaway

Show your brand’s fun side by creating a wall contest giveaway in the form of an animated GIF. It simply creates a two-way connection that fans’ simply adore.

As an example, Bovril Singapore shares a motion graphic contest requiring participants to screenshot the paused animated GIF upon reaching BINGO.

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