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How to Amplify your Social Media Marketing through Wall Contests

Social-Media-Marketing-Amplify-your-campaign-through-wall-contestsFacebook Contest is an essential social media marketing strategy to amplify your brand campaign. Discover how it can help you in many ways.

Facebook contest is an essential social media marketing strategy to promote your brand. Marketers are keen in using this tool to generate brand loyalty by constantly rewarding fans for their unwavering support. Wall Contests are also effective in driving post engagement and potential audiences to business pages as well.

While there are limitless contest mechanics that anyone can come up with, a few still stand out in capturing audiences’ attention and efforts.

Listed below are five online marketing campaigns created in partnership with IH Digital, a digital marketing agency that deemed to resonate well with social media-savvy audiences.

  1. #MyPerfectPanasonicGift Contest

Panasonic Asia puts a twist in the traditional “Comment and Win” contest type by incorporating a motion graphic animated GIF to boost their social media marketing campaign.

A compelling visual must be considered as top-priority to entice fans to join and increase page traffic.

  1. Men’s Biore Double Scrub Wall Contest

Much like Panasonic, Men’s Biore Malaysia utilized the current GIF trend. Encouraging participants to tag few of their friends is also an effective way to drive viewers to like and follow your business page.

  1. UNIQLO Malaysia 360-degree photo Count and Win Contest

UNIQLO Malaysia immerses their patrons into a different experience through their unique wall contest giveaway. The brand made use of the 360-degree photo feature of Facebook, allowing fans to explore and count gift boxes in their very own shop!

  1. Pigeon Singapore 40k Fans Giveaway

Anniversaries and Fan Reach are some of the perfect moments for you to share something with your fans. Upon reaching 400,000 fans, Pigeon Singapore organizes a wall contest giveaway as a form of thanks and reward.

  1. Merries Malaysia Video Wall Contest

If you are aiming to gain higher view for your videos, turn it into a wall contest. Not to mention, this kind of wall contest does not merely give you views but also a higher reach if you encourage your fans to like and share the video to their friends.

Merries Malaysia incorporates this specific mechanic to boost their Merries Bunny Story video.

Enhance your social media marketing wall contest with IH Digital

If you are looking forward to launch a wall contest that could jump start your brand, team up with IH Digital. We are a digital agency in Malaysia with core competencies in Consultancy and Research, Social Media Marketing, Search Marketing, Digital Creative and Video Marketing, and Digital Media Planning and Buying. Inquire with us today.