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Prosperous Social Media Marketing for a festive season

social-media-marketing-malaysia-digital-agencyRead about how to execute social media marketing campaigns during festive seasons that will thrive the campaign further with bigger amount of engagements.

A festive season is a big marketing opportunity for brands.  An appropriate implementation of social media marketing strategy may thrive the campaign even further with significant amount of engagements.  To successfully launch an online marketing campaign, a brand has to collate closely with social media marketing tactic that aligns with Malaysia market and its audiences.

Malaysian digital market and its prominent presence

According to Facebook, Malaysia’s total monthly active users are 17 million, with daily active users being 12 million, of which over 90% of both are mobile users.  With clear dominance of mobile users, it makes mobile optimization a requirement for any digital marketing campaign to succeed.

UNIQLO’s digital advertising take on Chinese New Year

As a leading retail company, UNIQLO has expanded its market across the globe rapidly over the last decade.  IH Digital Malaysia was invited on board as their advertising agency since July 2015 to manage their social media of Facebook, Instagram and LINE.  Since then, the number of fans have increased over 100,000 on Facebook, while it doubled for Instagram.

Agenda for this festive season was to strategize content marketing that can engage fans and potential audiences.  However Malaysian streets may get deserted during this period, activity on Facebook increases remarkably during the festive season; 16% more video shares and 23% photos shares, which makes Chinese New Year the optimal holiday to implement social media marketing.

Video is one of the leading contents for online marketing this year, thus making something flashy and interactive internet advertising even more effective for engagements. Top that up with a giveaway contest, UNIQLO and IH Digital Malaysia came up with a Facebook game application – UNIQLO Money in the Basket.

Uniqlo uses social media marketing to engage their audience.

Uniqlo uses social media marketing to engage their audience.

Uniqlo uses social media marketing to engage their audience.

The objective of this social media advertising campaign was to raise sales during Chinese New Year, whilst increasing user engagements on their social media platform.  The mechanism was simple, and participants could win a voucher to shop in UNIQLO at the end of the game.

The campaign received good response with huge participation, which led to an increase in both online engagement and offline sales transaction during the period.

UNIQLO’s take away points

To execute social media marketing campaign efficiently, brands must know their own unique selling point which attracts their audiences; what their audiences are looking for from their social media platform, and how they engage.

  1. Simple mechanic: social media strategy is supposed to bring your campaign and audiences closer. Wider the audience demographic, easier and simpler the mechanic should be.
  2. Attractive prize: Something practical and useful for everyone.
  3. Mobile optimization: With over 90% of users accessing from mobile devices, no campaign can measure its real success without reaching out to mobile users. (Find out more on mobile optimization here.)

Social media marketing for festive seasons

With increased social media activity and its particular holiday topic and theme, festive season is the perfect time for a brand to run a digital marketing campaign.  So why not plan ahead for the next holiday season to launch your campaign?  As a digital agency in Malaysia, specialists at IH Digital Malaysia can help you whip up the perfect internet advertising get up for the upcoming festivity.  Contact us today!