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Social Media Marketing: Twinning and Uniqlo celebrates Hari Raya

DP 2As a part of Social Media Marketing, Twinning and Uniqlo Malaysia celebrates Hari Raya with engaging GIF and Facebook post

Hari Raya is a festival celebrated across the country, not only by its people, but also celebrated by brands and marketers in all industries. In this festive season, we witnessed how brands were involved actively in social media marketing. It is definitely a good period for brands to carry out their digital marketing campaign on social media if they intend to promote their brand and engage supporters.

Facebook engagement is one of the most effective forms of social media marketing. Be it setting up a Facebook contest, eye-catching GIF or an interactive production, it is all able to capture audience’s attention and bring forth the brand’s message easily.

Read below to learn how two brands celebrate this festive season with their supporters while promoting their business through Facebook engagement.


Twinings Malaysia

To embrace this season of Hari Raya, Twinings gave out 25 tea gift sets to 25 lucky participants. Twinings Malaysia engaged their supporters through a Facebook contest. With the help of an online marketing agency in Malaysia, a hearty and refreshing GIF greeting was created for the season to attract more audience. All supporters who wish to participate would just have to simply comment what is their favorite tea and why they want to win it and they would stand a chance of winning. This way of social media marketing is able to excite supporters and reward them with their unweaving support.


UNIQLO Malaysia

UNIQLO Malaysia celebrates Hari Raya in an interesting and interactive way on social media. They posted a 360 Image on their Facebook. 360 Image is a type of photograph that allows users to view the scene from all angles: top, low, side and back angles. Raya packets were stuck around the walls in the image and supporters would have to rotate the image and count the number of Raya packets present. This interactive way of social media marketing adds value to the Facebook contest. Participants who answered correctly can walk away with UNIQLO vouchers and get their Raya outfit ready!


Social Media Marketing with IH Digital

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