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Social Media Marketing: Promote Products with Influencer Videos


Today, digital content creators are the limelight in the social media arena. They could be bloggers, socialites or personalities who own successfully grown audiences on their social media platforms. These individuals are better known as key opinion leaders (KOLs) or influencers. They are a driving force for brands looking to increase visibility of their brands and products through social media marketing.

Men’s Biore Malaysia’s Social Media Marketing Effort

Men’s Biore has taken it up to a notch by promoting its Double Scrub Facial Foam and Deep Clean Extra Cool with a combination of KOL marketing and short videos creation as their social media marketing strategy. The short videos include useful information such as product features and benefits, and engage audiences with KOLs’ experiences in using the product. It is a great way to communicate the brand’s core value since these “real people” are sharing thoughts that connect their fans in a way that is intimate and authentic.

The brand uses short YouTube and Instagram videos to feature Men’s Biore facial products in the KOLs’ everyday lifestyle. These social media influencers managed to incorporate humour in their product testimonials which in turn, was an effective digital marketing strategy as they break through what can often be told as tedious and serious marketing.

All these KOLs have influential presence and large following in social media. They are both trusted and admired by large pool of fans which led to powerful results in their social media marketing. Thanks to the internet, brands are now able to enhance digital marketing with KOL engagement.  They do not just spread information, but also connect their life perspectives and thoughts about the product to followers who can be easily swayed by the KOLs’ opinions. After all, social media is sharply advancing in video creation where KOLs share brands’ stories with the latest video editing technologies.

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