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Social Media Marketing: 360° Count and Win by Men’s Biore Malaysia

Social Media Marketing: 360° Count and Win by Men’s Biore MalaysiaLearn more about how Men's Biore Malaysia uses 360° photograph to execute their wall contest as part of social media marketing strategy.

As part of social media marketing, wall contests are an essential tool to drive engagement as well as to build a stable fan base. Whether it’s a sweepstake or a reward-based loyalty programme, the main goal of wall contests is to increase the brands’ social media existence. Besides, the execution of Facebook contest not only plays an important role in boosting the social media engagement for the brand, it ultimately aids in generating sales for that particular business.

360° photo on Facebook 
Photos on social media are a powerful content marketing strategy to capture audiences’ attention as well as to establish brand loyalty among the fans. As we are accustomed to the digital marketing trend, the introduction of 360° photos on Facebook has drastically evolved the content marketing strategy for most brands. Facebook 360° photos enable us to create a 3-dimensional view of an environment. It draws you into a scene and makes you feel like you’re part of the experience. Thus, many brands are gradually approaching to use 360° image as an effective social media marketing tool.

Men’s Biore Malaysia “360° Count & Win” contest 
Men’s Biore Malaysia made an impact using 360° image via Facebook contest. This time, they have utilised the “Count and Win” contest mechanism to let the fans count a number of products placed at various locations. The contest ran for four weeks at four different locations such as futsal field, in a toilet, at a college and at home. With the help of IH digital, a digital marketing agency in Malaysia, the campaign was deemed successful with its high engagement rate and social actions.

Location 1: Futsal field with a total of 5.8K social actions

Location 2: Toilet with a total of 4.9K social actions

Location 3: College with a total of 3.8K social actions

Location 4: Home with a total of 3.8K social actions

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