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Social Media Marketing: Come and celebrate Pepero Day with LOTTE!

Social-Media-Marketing-LOTTE-Happy-Pepero-DayWith the help of a digital marketing agency, LOTTE Singapore uses Facebook video as a social media marketing strategy to announce the upcoming Pepero Day.

LOTTE Confectionery S.E.A encourages fans to celebrate the special day of Pepero, a long-time favourite treat, through a social media Facebook video, as part of their social media marketing campaign.

The Facebook video aims to highlight the origin of Pepero Day, a story of two students exchanging Pepero in hopes of becoming taller and thinner (resembling Pepero). At present, the gesture extended to be a day where people exchange Peperos to show affection for their friends as well as loved ones. Pepero Day is said to be first celebrated on November 11 in South Korea like Valentine’s Day.

Apart from Facebook video, this online advertising and social media marketing campaign by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency, is also accompanied by a Facebook event to call out the grand celebration that will happen from November 5 at Bugis+ Atrium Level 2 until November 11 itself. The entire week will be filled with lots of Korean food, snacks, beverages and all things to be shared.

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Facebook videos are starting to gain traction as it continues to show great results in terms of the number of fan engagements and feedback. LANEIGE Singapore, for example, tapped bloggers to help create a tutorial video to promote their new line of make-up.

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