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Social Media Marketing: Multi Account and multitasking on Instagram

social-media-marketing-malaysia-instagramIH Digital Malaysia can help you incorporate Instagram into your social media marketing plan using ads, videos and images that suit your service.

Let the visual do the talk

In social media marketing, it is commonly understood that visual imagery is far more effective than written words when delivering successful contents, which makes Instagram’s forte a popular platform as a social media for businesses.  With the number of active users estimated to reach 500 million this year, as well as number of marketers promoting ads on Instagram reaching 200,000, Instagram is going nowhere but up the ladder of strong digital marketing services.  Hitherto this latest update, businesses and brands handing multiple Instagram accounts either had to use third party social media management services or to take tedious steps to log in and out of accounts as they needed. Now that Instagram finally allows users to juggle their multiple accounts up to 5 with one access, how it can benefit social media strategy?

Instagram users and multiple account

Social media marketing is about knowing consumers, so here are some insights about how consumers may utilize this new feature.  Instagram is a platform where people can exhibit their photos of their interest, from their lifestyle, fashion, makeup, travel, arts and more, at the same time they would opt for sharing their casual photos that are not specifically related to their account theme.  Multiple accounts on Instagram have therefore been useful for easier and more efficient posting through quick account switching from personal Instagram account to other brand-related accounts.  What has got this to do with benefit for digital marketing?

Your next step

With this year unfolding with more upcoming events, why not incorporate Instagram into your content marketing strategy? From various campaigns to different product lines and services, we can assist you to strategize an internet marketing plan that suits your product or service using Instagram.  As a digital agency in Malaysia, we are working with media specialists who are versed with Instagram including Instagram ads, videos and featured images, and we are only click away.  Some of our case studies can be viewed here. Contact today to find out more.