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Social Media Marketing: Propel Your Brand with Animated Instagram Stories

Social Media Marketing: Propel Your Brand with Animated Instagram Stories

Social media is the place to be when it comes to digital marketing. Brands have been flocking to social media sites and have been building their social media marketing. Different tactics when it comes to social media management and social media marketing strategy arose. With social media sites churning new updates and features, it’s best to keep up with the trends. The hottest trend right now is Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories is similar to the popular social media application, Snapchat. It allows users and brands to upload images and videos for a duration of 24 hours. This feature allows a more candid and engaging approach. Additionally, this trend offers brands an opportunity to reach more people with just 10 to 15 seconds of content.


You won’t run out of ideas to promote your brand because Instagram Stories is a dynamic and flexible social media marketing tool. Here are some ideas to elevate your social media strategy with Instagram Stories.

  1. Brands quickly utilised the interactive poll feature launched last October in their social media marketing. Polls are a fun and engaging way to hear your audience’s thoughts and opinions on your brand, products, or other topics.
  2. Stories are perfect for social media marketing because it is link-friendly. Unlike Instagram which only supports links in the description, Stories has a “swipe up” feature that supports external links efficiently. This linking feature leads to increase in website traffic, generated leads, and increased sales.
  3. Stories also support the vital social media feature of tagging. This is good for brands that use influencers in their social media marketing.
  4. Instagram Stories takeover is also a popular trend in this social media marketing Brands invite celebrities and influencers to engage with the audience for a specific time. This is a good strategy if you are promoting a product or an event. Collaborating with influencers can also increase and expand your brand’s reach.



With the help of IH Digital, Honda Malaysia launched an Instagram animated story for their social media marketing. The 10-second animated video features Honda’s iconic cars in the featured colour of White Orchid Pearl. Each car zooms into the spotlight for a few seconds.  Additionally, the animated video is accompanied by an upbeat background music that adds to the exciting appeal of the social media marketing strategy. Overall, Honda Malaysia offered something different for their audience while effectively promoting their product with their very first Instagram animated Stories.


If you are looking forward to launching an Instagram animated Stories for your social media marketing, work with IH Digital. We are a digital marketing agency in Malaysia specialising in consultancy and research, digital marketing, search marketing, video marketing, digital advertising and creative, as well as media planning and buying. Drop us a message!