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Social Media Marketing: Instagram Releases A New Analytics Feature called “Insights”

Instagram-InsightsInstagram, one of the most popular social media marketing platforms, currently released “Insights”, a new social media analytics for its worldwide users.

Unlike many popular social media and digital marketing platforms readily available to the masses, Instagram is not among the pioneers of social media analytics. With this comes the widespread existence of free analytics sources that momentarily paved way for marketers to track and evaluate the success of their Instagram content and overall social media marketing and marketing communications outside the application.

But just last month, Instagram finally decided to roll out a new tool in an attempt to join the bandwagon. With “Insights”, this highly anticipated analytics feature will definitely take a brand’s social media marketing to a whole new level. This now enables users worldwide to view their account’s analytics directly in the application. It provides a graphical, rather than numeric data for engagement, reach, impressions, likes, and comments over a wide span of time frame – from seven days up to two years.

How brands can use Insights feature to improve social media marketing through Instagram posts

Being one of the world’s largest mobile ad platforms with a population of 400 million users, Instagram is deemed to be a popular social media choice for businesses to reach mobile users in an organized and highly creative way. The photo and video sharing app allow ads to appear as a regular post over a user’s feed, minimizing clutter. It also proves to be a great medium for unconventional content marketing strategies like reaching wider audiences with a use of a hashtag (#).

Brands that are aiming to improve their social media content through Instagram, now have a handy tool in determining whether to enhance or change direction in capturing and creating images based on past analytics performance. The analytic results could also be a determining factor as to what type of posts – product, lifestyle, engagement, and contest most users engage in.

Despite the lack of numeric information on analytics, Insights opened a lot of doors for Internet marketing specialists to further track and enhance their social media marketing strategies.

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