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Social Media Marketing: Instagram & the new swipeable carousel

ig-scCheck out how the latest Instagram update, Swipeable Carousel, can change the social media marketing game. Learn how it can benefit your business immensely.

There’s no better way than using visual content as a business tool in social media marketing – with more than 500 million users, Instagram offers a massive platform for marketers to build brand awareness online. As visual contents are more distinguished on social media, most businesses start to use Instagram to cater their content marketing needs as one of the digital marketing strategies. By now, you should know that Instagram is a powerful content marketing tool for your business. If you’re looking for a way to maximise brand visibility, Instagram is the social media channel you cannot ignore.

Therefore, is Instagram worth the effort for your business? Here are the five digital marketing benefits to enjoy using Instagram.

Stay connected with customers

One of the digital marketing trends is to share visual content on social media to engage the fans. For instance, you can share a photo of a new product and ask them what they think. Since Instagram is one the active social media app, this can be a perfect platform for marketers to build a relationship with existing customers.

Know what they like

If you’re utilising Instagram for social media marketing, you’ll get the opportunity getting to know what your customers like about your business. You may not notice this, but the audiences are probably talking about your business on Instagram. The best way to see if people have used your products is the tagging function on Instagram. After uploading a photo on Instagram, there’s ‘tag people’ navigation for the users to tag any business profiles based on the image. It’s a great way to find out what people like about your business.

Reach potential audiences

In the online marketing business, Instagram makes it easy to explore new and potential audiences. One of the ways to find out is using hashtags. You can simply find out the photos shared using the hashtag created.

Generate sales

Instagram as a social media marketing tool has never been so convenient to drive engagement as well as generating sales. Make your visuals eye-catching and professional on Instagram, who knows your business will be the next big brand!

If you haven’t noticed, you’ll spot the cascading squares at the bottom indicating to post multiple pictures simultaneously. Instagram previously launched the photo carousel ad in 2015 and expanded the feature to include videos as well. This recent Instagram update is the new swipeable carousel, enabling users to upload ten photos or videos within a single post.

From the social media marketing perspective, Instagram’s swipeable carousel feature enables a brand to communicate with followers in a creative and interactive way. Besides, the swipeable carousel offers the flexibility to advertise a product line easily without spamming multiple photos on Instagram. Try the new feature and you’ll fall in love with it!