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Social Media Marketing: New Honda City launch on Instagram Live

new-honday-cityInstagram Live now available worldwide. Honda Malaysia uses Instagram Live to launch new Honda City as social media marketing tool.

You may have noticed the latest digital marketing trends that all major social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have been profoundly promoting new features around live streaming and stories. The current social media marketing channels are enabling us to obtain enriching information instantly, live streaming platforms now have the ability to deliver real-time information to online users. Hence, the live stories functionality is a sure fire way to generate revenue and strengthen the hold social media users globally.

From the aspect of content marketing, the emergence of Facebook and Instagram live and stories have made it convenient for everyone – impactful short-form video content, easily shareable and most importantly, mobile-first. From a simple photo-sharing app, Instagram Ads, Instagram story to what we have today – Instagram Live, the innovation of this social media application certainly is capable of creating attention-grabbing content for users as a successful social media marketing tool.

To execute an effective real-time campaign for online marketing, you need to assemble a perfect timing, creativity and brand relevance. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Don’t forget your prep work

Before starting on a live-streaming campaign, you must know how it will look like in advance. It’s the most important step forward to create an engaging and creative content in social media marketing. If you’re doing a live event coverage, consider what might happen and what content you could produce might look like. Therefore, your marketing team should prepare plenty of ideas and be ready to change them right on the spot.

Anticipate quick resource needs to execute carefully

Live event campaigns require rapid shifts of resources and staffing. You may need designers, social media managers or copywriters to be present preparing for the unforeseen circumstances. Besides, real-time execution demands immediate decisions and ideas. Hence, the ability to deliver the message succinctly to targeted audience is important to reach your goals.

Measure the success of live event coverage

The concoction of Instagram Live and social media marketing will make a successful impact based on the views and impressions. For example, Honda Malaysia recently launched the new Honda City on Instagram Live and garnered more than 6000 views within 24 hours.

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