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Social Media Marketing: Honda Malaysia Celebrates Merdeka with Fun Stickers!

Honda-Malaysia-Merdeka-1Honda Malaysia shares some love and celebrates Merdeka by launching the "I Love Malaysia" Facebook app as part of their social media marketing campaign.

Honda Malaysia launches the “I Love Malaysia” Facebook app, in celebration of Merdeka and National day. As part of their social media marketing strategy, Honda Malaysia collaborated with a digital marketing agency in Malaysia to release the Facebook app where you can upload your photo and add fun stickers. Fans get to show some love for the country, by sharing the joyous celebration of the holiday.

Honda Malaysia celebrates Merdeka and National Day, by releasing the "I Love Malaysia" Facebook app as part of their social media marketing campaign.

“I Love Malaysia” Facebook app by Honda Malaysia

The importance of social media marketing for your brand

Marketing your brand on social media brings you one step closer to multiple opportunities, both online and offline. It is a crucial step to take in order to bring your business to the next level and drive your customers to you, whether to your website, event, or retail stores.

Since social media platforms continue to come up with innovative ways to push content, brands and digital marketers alike have turned to them to share their stories in a creative and diverse way. Social media marketing truly demonstrates a huge potential for businesses that could eventually increase sales and build stronger relationship with their customers.

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