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Honda Malaysia: Social Media Marketing through Instagram

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Social media marketing: Sharing the cause for celebration!

Honda Malaysia once again proved the power of social media marketing by stirring excitement among its audience. In December 2015, Honda Malaysia joyfully celebrated its 1 million mark on Facebook – just in the same period that it reached its 10,000 followers on Instagram. As a way to thank its loyal followers and customers, Honda Malaysia, with the help of its digital agency in Malaysia IH Digital, launched a giveaway campaign called the Chillex Movie Session. The celebration was far more exciting, which received overwhelming positive reactions from its fans and followers. With IH Digital managing the process throughout the duration of the campaign including the campaign’s social media management, the social media campaign illustrations were presented brilliantly through Instagram.


Honda Malaysia Social Media Marketing

Brand and culture

To give the brand a more meaningful content, the content marketing strategy was made to gear toward a more localised feel. This was done by incorporating the Honda Malaysia car models with the nine states in its Instagram posts.


Honda Malaysia Social Media Marketing


It has been an exciting social media marketing campaign for the followers as the mechanics are quick and simple. Joining is as easy as reposting the photo with a particular hashtag for each car model reposted. By doing this, participants get the big chance of being part of the Chillax Movie Session with Honda Malaysia. You can revisit the contest here to view the exciting giveaways by Honda Malaysia.


As a result, Honda Malaysia received positive sentiments from winners and fans. In fact, inquiries kept coming in even at the end of the giveaway campaign. There were a total of 200 users who “regrammed” the posts. This social media strategy not only helped the brand to be active on social media, but it also established a genuine connection with its fans as the campaign was reflected by fans as an exciting “treat” from Honda Malaysia while featuring Honda’s beautiful auto models.

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