Social Media Marketing: Start Planning for Festive Recipe Tutorials

social-media-marketing-festive-recipe-videosFestive recipe video can be both a product video and a seasonal greeting. Take a look at how our clients used it in their social media marketing campaigns.

Festival seasons come and go in a blink of an eye. It is extremely easy for social media users to miss out on your digital marketing campaigns as the competition is so stiff and the time frame is so short. By now, you should know that the use of social videos is a popular social media marketing technique as it increases the probability of your content becoming viral. Recipe videos are wildly popular these days. With a massive number of the social media users aspiring to be the next “Master Chef”, recipe videos are proven to be a great hit with massive engagement rates and video views.

With Christmas just around the corner, it is time to put your thinking caps on. Injecting the festive spirit into your social media marketing strategy is of paramount importance if you intend to connect with your target audience. Perhaps, you can consider producing a Christmas-themed cooking video for the upcoming holiday. Besides serving as a seasonal greeting, the video also serves as a product video for your brand to promote its products.

Festive Recipe Videos as a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Listed below are some video productions developed by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency. These social videos were used in our clients’ social media marketing campaigns for Mid-Autumn Festival and Halloween.

In this tutorial video, Panasonic Singapore shares a Mini Lotus Mooncake recipe. The condensed cooking tutorial allows users to see the entire process of making this delicious Mid-Autumn Festival snack in less than two minutes. Panasonic also took the opportunity to showcase the use of their electrical products in this video production. The social video went viral, reaching over 144k views, and it is successful in engaging their social media audience.

Naturel Singapore also shared a Snowskin Mooncake recipe as part of their social media marketing campaign for Mid-Autumn Festival. Other than being a seasonal greeting, the social video also serves as a product video for Naturel’s products – Naturel Pure Olive Oil and Naturel Grapeseed Oil Spray.

Following the success of the previous video productions, Naturel Singapore released another recipe video for Halloween. This short recipe video demonstrated the entire process of making the Spookie Cookies using their Naturel Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Plan your video production campaign with IH Digital

Consider working with IH Digital to produce a Christmas-themed cooking video for the upcoming holiday! IH Digital is a digital agency in Malaysia with over 100 digital specialists across Asia. If you feel that video production is not suitable for your brand, we are able to propose the perfect social media marketing strategy that will work for you as well. Speak to one of our digital marketers here.