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Social Media Marketing: Immerse yourself in a Different Experience with Facebook 360° Images

social-media-marketing-facebook-360-imagesFacebook 360° images gives an immersive experience by placing viewers right in the center. Discover how it can enhance your social media marketing strategy.

Posting vivid images on social media platforms is a powerful social media marketing strategy to capture audiences’ attention. Since the introduction of 360° images on Facebook last year, the content marketing strategy for most brands has drastically evolved. Facebook 360° images puts the viewers in the center of the event, providing them with an immersive experience.

Using 360° Images in your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Wall contests have always been an essential digital marketing tool to drive engagement as well as to build a stable fan base. Whether it’s a sweepstake or a reward-based loyalty programme, the main goal of wall contests is to increase the brands’ social media existence. Let’s take a look at how you can gain an edge over your competitors by improving on your content marketing strategy – with 360° images.

Merries Malaysia made an impact using Facebook 360° image for their wall contest. Using the “Count and Win” contest mechanism, Merries Malaysia placed their social media fans in the centre of the experience by encouraging them to count the number of logos scattered all over. The fans will have to look at the image at all angles. With the help of IH digital, a digital marketing agency in Malaysia, the campaign was deemed successful with its high engagement rate and social actions.

IH Digital has also produced a Facebook 360° image for the Mid-Autumn festive greeting, immersing fans in the story of Chang-E, the moon goddess. The fans will have to look at the image at all angles and count the number of Jade Rabbits sending her off as Chang-E takes her flight to the moon.

Use the 360° Function for your next Social Media Marketing campaign

IH Digital is a reputable digital marketing agency in Malaysia. With our digital marketing expertise, we can support you in the 360° Image production as well as executing other social media marketing strategies. Speak to one of our representative here.