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Social Media Marketing: Engagement-Driven “Click to Reveal” Image

Social Media Marketing: Engagement-Driven

Keeping up with social media trends and memes is important in social media marketing. To make your content engaging and familiar, include popular trends and memes into your social media marketing strategy. Take a look at FreshKon Malaysia. The contact lens brand launched an interactive, engagement-driven image. The popular trends “click to reveal” and “open for a surprise” inspired the strategy. The concept is to create a portrait-oriented image with hidden elements and/or information. Moreover, additional information can only be visible upon enlarging the image by clicking the preview thumbnail.

With the help of IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Malaysia, FreshKon used the clever trend for the digital advertising of their Chinese New Year promo.



A simple image based on the preview thumbnail is the defining feature of the social media marketing trend. For FreshKon’s social media marketing strategy the artwork is designed as a teaser for the full image. On the timeline, the image contains common Chinese New Year elements such as lanterns and cherry blossoms. Also included in is a teaser tagline. Additionally, there is a command to click or tap the image and a ‘tap’ icon. The image’s loud and vibrant colours intend to catch attention. The thumbnail layout, however, is designed to blend with normal posts in the timeline as part of the surprise.

Social Media Marketing: Engagement-Driven "Click to Reveal" Image


Enlarging the image by clicking or tapping the thumbnail reveals the entirety of the visual including more specific details and information in full-scale. With its bigger dimension, the full-scale image can hold more information and details about the promotion. Moreover, the zoom-out effect and the element of surprise by revealing more information is a good social media marketing strategy. This will attract the fans thus making the social media marketing campaign more memorable

Social Media Marketing: Engagement-Driven "Click to Reveal" Image


If you are looking forward to launching an interactive and engagement-driven image for your social media marketing strategy to propel your brand, work with IH Digital. We are a digital marketing agency in Malaysia specialising in consultancy and research, social media marketing, search marketing, video marketing, digital advertising and creative, and media planning and buying. Drop us a message!