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Social Media Marketing: Recipe Tutorials to Watch this CNY

social-media-marketing-CNY-recipe-videosPanasonic Singapore and BOH Tea Malaysia released Chinese New Year cooking tutorials as part of their social media marketing strategy for this festival.

With Chinese New Year around the corner, put in your best social media marketing efforts! Injecting the festive spirit into your digital marketing strategy is definitely a must if you intend to promote your brand message to your social media fans. Following the latest trends also allows your brand to have an edge over your competitors during the holiday rush.

In our previous article, we discussed the benefits that cooking tutorials provide. Recipe tutorials in the form of short videos are wildly popular among social media users. Delicious food, being the essence of our lives, is the main focus of these Facebook Videos. Not to mention, these short videos allows viewers to learn the steps in a small amount of time, suiting our brief attention span.

Festive Recipe Videos as a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Listed below are a few Chinese New Year themed Facebook video recipe tutorials developed by IH Digital, a digital agency in Malaysia that went viral among social media users.

In this tutorial video, Panasonic Singapore shares the Pineapple tarts recipe. Pineapple tart is a popular snack among the Chinese during the festival. The condensed tutorial allows users to see the entire process of making this delicious snack in less than two minutes. The bright lightning and the Chinese New Year layout played a huge part in attracting massive numbers of video viewers.

BOH Tea Malaysia has been working hard in providing fans numerous ideas on how to use their newly-released product, BOH Green Tea Latte to create different snacks – from the traditional Iced Gem Biscuits and Agar-Agar to the seasonal Jelly Mooncake. For this Chinese New Year, BOH Tea Malaysia did not disappoint its social media fans. They release another recipe video, teaching their viewers how to use the different flavoured tea powders to make Fortune Cookies for this festival. Besides serving as a seasonal greeting, the Facebook Video also serves as a product video as BOH Tea Malaysia takes the opportunity to promote its Cham and Green Tea flavoured powder.

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