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Social Media Marketing: Celebrate Christmas by having Wall Contests!

social-media-marketing-christmas-wall-contestWhat’s Christmas without gifts? There’s no better time in the year for brands to step up their social media marketing game and conduct wall contests.

Everyone’s favourite festive season is coming! Everyone’s planning what gifts to get for their loved ones this Christmas. And, what’s a season of giving without giveaways on social media? There’s no better time for brands to step up their social media marketing game. Wall contests are effective in building fan base and brand loyalty. Besides rewarding fans for their unwavering support, wall contests help to drive engagement rates and reach out to a wider audience.

Listed below are three online marketing campaigns created in partnership with IH Digital, a digital marketing agency. These campaigns are specially curated to celebrate this Christmas.

1. Kotobuki Singapore – “Guess the Dishes”

Kotobuki Singapore is giving away 5 Christmas sets, worth $68+ each. In this motion graphic, Koko dropped three dishes from his reindeer sleigh. To win, participants will just need to guess and leave the names of the three dishes in the comments below. They will need to also like the page and tag their friends as well. Encouraging participants to tag few of their friends is also an effective social media marketing strategy to build the fan base.

2. Sanitarium Singapore – “Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle”

Sanitarium Singapore is giving away a healthy gift pack in the spirit of Christmas. Similar to the Kotobuki’s wall contest, Sanitarium used a motion graphic as well. However, the gif was not used as part of the wall contest mechanism. Social media users have to list some ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle and share the post in order to win. Sharing the post allows it to become viral and increase its exposure, reaching out to more people on Facebook.

3. PUB Singapore – “Count with Water Wally”

If you are hoping to get more video views, turn it into a wall contest. PUB Singapore released an animation to give away CapitaLand Mall vouchers and Water Wally merchandise for this Christmas. In this video, Water Wally is putting up ornaments on the Christmas tree. Just count the number of blue water droplet ornaments placed on the Christmas and submit the answer in the comments section.

Enhance your social media marketing campaign with IH Digital

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