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Social Media Marketing: Guess Biore’s secret Instagram message and win!

Social-Media-Marketing-Biore-Malaysia-Instagram-ContestBiore Malaysia announces its Instagram account through a teaser wall contest, part of the brand’s online marketing and social media marketing strategy.

Biore Malaysia announces its Instagram presence through the launch of a social media teaser wall contest, an online marketing and social media marketing strategy created to promote the brand’s new account as well as welcome fans into Biore’s Instagram page.

The caption “Now, you don’t see it. But later, you will!” captures the simple mechanics of the wall contest. Aside from following the new Instagram account, fans are encouraged to experiment with Instagram filters to reveal Biore’s hidden message written at the wall contest post. Regrams with the most creative captions are more likely to be chosen as winners.

Instagram as an online advertising and social media marketing platform

Instagram for Business is becoming a social media marketing tactic essential for business growth. The social media platform already has 500,000 active advertisers and has launched several business tools such as Insights analytics, longer video feature, and algorithm feed which permits advertisers to monitor business growth, create richer content, and observe viewership respectively.

User’s ability to regram also gives the platform an edge as it helps brands widen their post reach, possibly targeting potential fans.

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