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Social Media Marketing: Biore launches new Perfect Cleansing Water line!

Kao-Biore-IH-DigitalBiore introduces new products through social media stop motion video and Facebook wall contest for social media marketing.

The no.1 makeup brand in Japan reveals another product line to address skin care concerns of ladies across Asia! Together with IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Malaysia, Biore Malaysia introduces the new Perfect Cleansing Water Oil Clear and an improved version of Perfect Cleansing Water, the Perfect Cleansing Water Soften Up as part of their social media marketing campaign.

Consecutive content marketing strategies were used to achieve brand awareness for the makeup remover products. In line with static visual postings, the brand also holds an animated GIF Facebook wall contest and a stop motion video as part of the brand’s content marketing and digital marketing plans.

Microvideos for social media marketing

Many renowned brands attest to the effectiveness of video production for online advertising. Honda Malaysia and Bourjois Singapore’s microvideo would be great examples as both are well received by the fans and are successful in driving media engagement.

Microvidoes proves to be an effective social media marketing as it shares messages that are informative, but digestible, short but entertaining, and creative but straight-forward. No wonder brands and digital marketers are turning to this medium to spread awareness.

Tell your story through videos! Contact IH Digital today and discover what social media marketing strategy is suited for you.