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Social Media Marketing: 3 Ways Bellamy’s Organic Malaysia Is Reaching Out To Parents


Bellamy’s Organic Malaysia’s social media marketing efforts zero in on 3 things

An organic infant formula brand from Australia, Bellamy’s Organic Malaysia ramps up its social media marketing efforts by reaching out to the audience that matters to their brand—parents. Bellamy’s Organic Malaysia has managed to find a balance between being a force for good and keeping the brand visible even during this trying time.

Being clear about where parents can buy their products  

The COVID-19 pandemic and the MCO didn’t stop Bellamy’s Organic Malaysia for being there for their customers. The brand created a simple post that details what products are available and how they can order them during the MCO. Parents have enough on their plate being at home with the kids 24/7. As such, clarity such as this is one way to make life easier for parents during these stressful times.

Being a parenting ally

Many consumers are spending more time online than ever as they have been forced to stay at home. Bellamy’s Organic Malaysia filled the role of a dependable parenting ally during the MCO. While parents are at home with the kids, Bellamy’s Organic Malaysia was ensuring that they are part of this experience. From nutritious recipes and fun family activities to parenting tips and exercise ideas, the brand shared a variety of helpful content for parents.

Being true and authentic

Much like its product, Bellamy’s Organic Malaysia’s strategy showcases authenticity. The brand makes it a point to provide clear and concise information about where the ingredients come from and how the milk is made. This transparency is key to getting the attention and trust of their key audience.

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