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Social Media Marketing: Instagram hits 500 thousand active advertisers!

Social-Media-Marketing-Instagram-hits-500-thousand-active-advertisersInstagram proves to be an effective tool for social media marketing and content marketing with 500,000 business advertisers populating the social media app.

Instagram continues to surprise the social media community with its latest announcement: more than 500,000 active advertisers now populate the app after a year of opening up its online advertising platform, doubling the number of business advertisers it gained from the past six months. This only proves that Instagram for Business is truly becoming a social media marketing tactic essential for business growth.

500,000 Advertisers on Instagram from Instagram for Business on Vimeo.

The Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network already reached its 400 million user mark and almost 1.5 million of these Instagram users have converted their accounts to business profiles on the platform since the option has launched two months ago.

“Sponsored posts” are also said to receive over 1 billion user interactions around the globe; with US, Brazil, UK, Australia, and Canada listed as the top five countries for advertiser adoption globally.

This just proves that Instagram is on a mission to be recognized as a powerful platform for social media marketing and content marketing.

Its continuous effort to launch Business tools such as Insights analytics, longer video feature, algorithmic feed, and multiple-accounts paved way for brands to step up their marketing efforts and optimize the use of social media for business growth.

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