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Social Media for Business: How to Maximize Reach with Engaging Content

woman reading trends blog in the parkHow can social media for business improve your brand's marketing communication? Here are a few tips on how to integrate your message to engaging content.

It is getting harder for social media marketers and community managers to share content online. Especially now that Facebook, one of the widely used online marketing platforms, announced the series of changes to its news feed algorithm. Content posted by friends and family of users is the top priority, sending less traffic, taking a toll on social media for business.

How can brands leverage on these changes?


With the ever-changing algorithm of social media platforms, brands should take note and leverage on them while maintaining the interest of their audiences. Despite the changes, creating meaningful and “humanized”content encourages consumers to take part in conversations, share their opinions, and relate to your brand. Having this dynamic and holistic marketing communications approach to social media for business can help your brand message take flight.

Here is a list of content marketing strategies that could help your brand stand out from the online clutter and have a better chance of succeeding digital marketing-wise:

  • Share live video content

According to Facebook, people tend to watch live videos three times longer compared videos that are not live. Facebook recently rolled out Live Videos enabling people to share live video broadcasting in real time. Its real-time comments feature makes it easier for you to respond to live viewers who are tuned in to your broadcast, helping you connect with them in a fun and authentic conversation. Just like how Honda Malaysia used Facebook Live to announce the All-New Honda Civic:

  • Utilize business tools and insights

Last month, Instagram announced its plan to introduce business profiles on its platform. Now, the feature is being rolled out in selected countries eventually making it available for brands and businesses worldwide. With this new digital marketing tool, Instagram businesses can now be recognized with a business profile. And just like any Facebook page, each business profile gets insight data on their profile’s performance and promotes advertisements —all within the app.

  • Engage using interactive graphics and content

Animated GIFs is now being used as a highly effective form of content as it enables brands to tell their stories in a more interactive way than static images. The visually stimulating illustrations make the brand more appealing to the audience, making it relatable and shareable, thereby increasing brand awareness and online activity. LOTTE greeted everyone a happy mother’s day with branded animated GIFs:

Why use social media for business?

Publishing different content styles are simply strategies to attract potential leads and customers. It is important that the stories you tell should aim to engage and encourage your audience to take action. Spreading awareness and is a good take away, but ultimately, enforcing brand loyalty and changing brand perception should be the long-term goal.

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