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Social Media Marketing: Engage Your Fans with Wall Contests


No social media strategy is complete without wall contests. It is, after all, an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. This 2018, social media contests remain effective as long as you do them right. How? By zeroing in on what’s relevant for your customers, experimenting with different ideas, and choosing the right prize.

No matter what your brand is, it’s always a good idea to reward fans with giveaways or engage them with exciting contests. Fill-in-the-blank activities or complete the sentence formats remain attractive. But consider shaking things up with creatively executed Facebook contests that are simple, easy and interesting. Here, we curate some new wall contest and giveaway ideas that will surely be a hit among your devoted followers.


Grab the opportunity for stellar branding by utilizing GIFs for your contest. For Golden Village, they used their popular mascot, Mr Popcorn, to star in their simple wall contest in celebration of GV Movie Club’s 11th anniversary. Fans only needed to take a screenshot when all the candles are lit and post the photo in the comment section together with their details for a chance to win a gift card. Simple and catchy, the contest ran for seven days and garnered more than 600 social actions.


Kaolaurier turned a Facebook wall contest into an opportunity to garner public opinion about their products’ new look. Through a 360 photo, the brand asked fans to simply scroll through the image and share what is their favourite packaging among the newly launched ones. The social media contest generated over 20,000 Likes, 340 Comments and 268 Shares.


For PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, wall contests are not just a means to hike up engagement or boost followers. Through simple and straight-to-the-point GIF animations, PUB is able to raise awareness of water conservation. One of the GIF wall contests they created with IH Digital asked fans to figure out which character took a shorter shower. Fans needed to respond using Facebook Reaction icons.


Need new ideas to drive your social media campaigns? Let IH Digital, an experienced digital marketing agency in Malaysia help you create strategic wall contests. Get in touch with us today.