Smart Retail

Smart Retail Solution provides merchants with a compact retail space powered by Smart technologies – Artificial Intelligence (AI), Bluetooth beacons and cloud computing. It helps you reduce reliance on part-time promoters and the amount of retail space needed while enabling you to gain additional insights on consumers.

Digital 38 | Japan Rail Cafe
Showrooming of the omiyage box at Japan Rail Cafe


  • Increase Retail Sales Revenue. (Case study – 300% incremental revenue in 5 locations)
  • Engagement & Demonstration – Auto display product information when tagged product is being picked up
  • Capturing data via AI Camera – from profile analysis, traffic to product interests
    Outdoor Advertising

Brands Merging Offline with Online with Smart Retail

Digital 38 | Yuan Skincare
Digital 38 | Japan Rail Cafe

Yuan Skincare
Smart Retail Solutions deployed in various Unity outlets (Vivo City, Parkway Parade, Jurong Point, and more) in Singapore (read more).

Japan Rail Cafe
Showrooming the specially curated omiyage (souvenirs) at Japan Rail Cafe. 
A brand-new souvenir box subscription service by JR-East that is part of its new cross-border e-commerce venture where subscribers will receive their omiyage box from Japan monthly (read more).

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