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How Shopee Live Helped Yuan Skincare Touch Down in Malaysia?

How Shopee Live Helped Yuan Skincare Touch Down in Malaysia? | Digital 38

With the help of Shopee Live, Taiwanese skincare brand Yuan Skincare has touched down on Malaysia. In this article, learn how they leveraged the live-selling platform as it expands in Southeast Asia.  

Yuan Skincare is Now in Malaysia 

Yuan Skincare has touched down in Malaysia. And to mark another milestone in its expansion journey in Southeast Asia, the brand partnered with Malaysian host and online personality Jessica How for a live-selling session on Shopee. 

A 30-minute Shopee Live session not only marked their entry in Malaysia. But it also allowed them to run several Ecommerce functions in one go.  

Aside from showcasing their best-selling products, Yuan Skincare also had the opportunity to highlight their brand’s value to potential buyers tuning on the live-selling event.  

They also took the chance to engage with Malaysian consumers, one of the most overlooked strategies when getting to know a new market.  

Furthermore, Shopee Live enabled Yuan Skincare to deploy customer retention strategies such as giveaways and special pricing, thanks to its abilities to carry out real-time interactions.  

In turn, Yuan Skincare provided customers in Malaysia a remarkable and enriching online shopping experience. The live session generated over 600 views.  

About Yuan Skincare 

Yuan Skincare is known for their all natural and hand-made skincare products. Originally from Taiwan, the brand has been making waves in Southeast Asia. Check out their official Shopee store by clicking this link.  

Live Selling: It’s Potential for Your Ecommerce Biz  

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, live selling’s popularity was revived.  

With lockdowns imposed, live selling was the closest thing to actual in-shopping experience. As a result, Ecommerce players like Shopee have offered their own platforms for businesses to livestream virtual shopping activities.  

Find out more about live selling, how these strategies can help your brand by clicking the links below.  

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