Shopee Live: Kao Amplifies’ Presence in Malaysia

Shopee Live: Kao Amplifies' Presence in Malaysia | Digital 38

Find out how Shopee Live can be beneficial for your brand by reading this brief, case study featuring Kao Corporation’s campaign for Malaysia. 

Japanese beauty and hygiene manufacturer Kao Corp. is strengthening its digital marketing efforts in Malaysia. In doing so, they decided to leverage a growing, digital trend in Southeast Asia – live selling.  

Kao debuted its Shopee Live session in their official Shopee Mall – Malaysia store. In turn, the session gave them the opportunity to interact, in real time, with their over 38,000 followers.  

The Shopee Live event also enabled Kao Corp. to showcase and even demonstrate the best qualities of its brands and products, increase conversions, connect with new customers, and boost brand awareness.


The live selling activity ran for 40 minutes. It generated over 10,100 views, and at its peak, attracted more than 1,500 active viewers.  

Shopee Live and the Rise of Live Selling 

Shopee Live is just one of the many solutions Shopee offers to sellers, retailers and brand partners who want to conduct live-selling in order to promote their online shop, products, and their overall brand.  

Live selling has existed for years but lately, thanks to widespread use of the internet, its popularity reemerged. When lockdowns forces consumers to rely on the web to shop – from their necessities to luxurious goods – safely in their own homes.  

Until now, live selling continues to be a preferred strategy among brands that want to reach out to their target markets in a massive scale.  

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Fast, affordable and highly engaging, no wonder why businesses leverage live selling to help their brand’s overall growth. If you want to get started on Shopee Lie, and live selling in general, in Malaysia and in Southeast Asia, then you’re in the right place.  

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