SEO Marketing: Gearing for a Sustainable Search Ranking

sustainable-seo-marketing-featAchieving successful SEO marketing does not focus only on the website. Different digital channels and marketing functions are equally important to your SEO.

Sustainable SEO marketing strategy

With the influx of available data and information all over the web, what people are looking for is value of content. This alone explains the roots of how and why your brand’s SEO marketing strategy should be sustainable, resilient and strong. How ever search engines change their algorithms, all goes back to the purpose of search – content quality and value.

User experience over algorithms

Above all else, what you need to keep in mind is to answer what people are looking for. Keyword research is the top consideration in SEO. But following that, the next step should go back to feeding online users with valuable content. The quality and relevance of your website’s content marketing will make users come back for more. Thus, user experience should be a priority in your SEO marketing more than sticking to the algorithms that search engines dictate.

In 2014, the significant points to consider in SEO marketing, particularly in the changes made with Google’s Hummingbird, include structured authoring, semantic search, natural language processing and localisation. If you have implemented these in your website and content marketing strategy, your next focus in 2015 is more vital – the value, quality and the return to the best practices in organic search. These things shall determine your website’s importance in the search query results.

SEO strategy to a better 2015 and beyond

Search engines are always on their quest in delivering better results as responses to online users’ search query. As a content creator and quality response feeder to your audience, bear in mind to be one with search engines’ goal to deliver quality content. The solution to this mainly returns to the reason for search – quality, brand building, helping audience decide on picking the best information on the web. SEO ranking for this year and beyond will be more about building relationships than following technical guidelines.

Digital Agency in Singapore IH Digital recommends the development of an organic search strategy that is consumer-focused. Helping the consumer from query through the stage of buying is not only helpful but also essential to brand building. Alongside this process, is ensuring that the consumer gets the right information and is entertained or engaged. In this way, your SEO marketing goals can be achieved not only algorithm-wise, but also in terms of value, quality and user experience.

The course of achieving successful SEO marketing does not focus only on the website. Different online digital channels and digital marketing functions are equally important to your SEO. Doing this requires a lot of understanding about consumer behaviour, their preferences and ultimately, conversion paths. SEO marketing in the future will continue to need to be fully integrated with all the other aspects of marketing. The vast scope of marketing functions that you will need to optimise includes social media, content development, PR and IT, to name a few. Through these, you will be able to engage users who encounter your brand online through different channels as you provide quality information to them.

Below are some guidelines that can help you achieve a successful organic search strategy:

  1. Make it easy through mobile. As a lot of your brand’s audience are most probably on mobile, your website must be fully capable of effectively engaging and closing a deal even only through mobile.
  2. Visitor engagement over traffic. Your focus should mainly be engaging the online users first before making efforts in increasing the number of visitors. In this way, your website will become a recognised as a source of valuable information and not merely a motionless website with a huge audience that are not in reality engaged.
  3. Quality content. This year’s SEO marketing is about creating content that will be truly helpful and enjoyable to your visitors. Pick catchy titles, introduce things with a bang, appeal to curiosity – these among others are just a few of the many options that you can fire up to create quality content. The more they are engaged, the better your online visibility as brand mentions will be a powerful links on the website and social media.
  4. Strategic content plan. Through a strategic content and marketing communications plan, you will be able amplify your brand’s strengths and areas of expertise. Ensure the backend of your website is properly structured and laid out for the benefit of your audience and for search engines to be able to rank your content better on search queries.
  5. Amplify your content. Social media channels are important factors that contribute to brands’ online presence. It not only allows for better information feeding, it also allows your audience to interact online with your brand through a two-way communication process.