CASE STUDY: How did Sansiri Make it to the Top of Baidu?


Sansiri website in China

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Before the end of the year 2014, Thailand property developer Sansiri successfully launched its Chinese website. Working with SEO company IH Digital, Baidu’s authorised reseller in Asia, Sansiri aims to cater to its Chinese market looking to purchase properties in Thailand.

Sansiri’s SEO success

Starting with the design of Sansiri’s Chinese website, IH Digital implemented a strategy wherein visitors can easily navigate throughout the website. Social media icons such as Weibo can also be seen and accessed easily on the website. As social media channels such as Facebook and YouTube are banned in China, social media channels allowed in the country should be well accessible on the website’s desktop and mobile layout. Successfully, the website’s look has been implemented on the live version of the website.

Aside from the website design, SEO company IH Digital continued to push the website’s rank on Baidu through the proper implementation of its website development and content marketing strategy designed for the Chinese market.

How is Sansiri’s China website doing today?

In as fast as one month, Sansiri’s Chinese website already recorded 5,168 visits. And 87% of these visits were from China, their main target market.

SEO company | SEO services | content marketing

Not long after the official launch of Sansiri’s Chinese website, the site can already be seen on the first page of Baidu. Moreover, in just as quick as four months, Sansiri’s rank escalated swiftly to the first position of the search engine through IH Digital’s SEO tools and website design services.

What is IH Digital’s core focus?

As an SEO company and Baidu’s authorised reseller in Asia, IH Digital focuses its web development efforts strategy, website SEO and design. IH Digital’s strategy involves the careful and expert creation of relevant and quality content, distribution of these content over the social media channels, and finally, the amplification of content through media. Meanwhile, website development strategy includes responsive website design, whether through desktop or mobile. With the rise of the use of mobile in China and around the world, mobile optimisation remains to be a growing investment when it comes to website development.

All these success came from a well-planned strategy and accurate execution of these plans from Day 1. With IH Digital’s SEO services, Sansiri has successfully established a website that is now actively catering and easily accessible to its Chinese market, the largest market segment in Asia, giving numerous opportunities to brand marketers around the world.

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