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Sansiri Launches First Chinese Website

sansiri-chinese-websiteSansiri assigned IH Digital to develop the company’s first Chinese website that caters to the Chinese citizens looking to buy properties in Thailand.

First look: Sansiri Chinese Website

Sansiri, a famous property developer in Thailand, assigned IH Digital to develop the company’s first Chinese website that caters to the Chinese citizens looking to buy properties in the kingdom of Thailand.

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When looking at the landing page of Sansiri’s website, the interface does not look any different from any regular website. But if you look carefully on the right hand side of the header you will see four unfamiliar looking social plugins icons. These social plugins icons sets Chinese website apart from regular websites. As you may be aware, the world’s famous social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are all banned in China. But that does not mean that Chinese online populations are restricted to using any form of social media channels. Social media channels in China are prevalent, but they are the unique type of social media that are not used worldwide. This is why when creating a Chinese website, it is crucial to learn and implement the well-known social plugins in China.

Sansiri website Chinese plugins
Sansiri Chinese plugins from left to right: WeChat (China chat application), YOUKU (China video sharing platform, similar to YouTube), Weibo (Chinese microblogging platform)

As mentioned that world renowned video channel such as YouTube is also prohibited from China, thus, a video from YouTube cannot be embedded onto a Chinese website as it requires a specific video plugin that supports videos being released in China only; YOUKU, for instance. Thus, all the video displays on the site come directly from YOUKU.

When developing a Chinese website like Sansiri, it is crucial to keep in mind that content and materials that go with it should be compatible to China’s No. 1 search engine, Baidu; and not the world’s No. 1 search engine, Google. Baidu search is the widely used search tool among the Chinese online population. It is considered to be China’s only search engine portal. Since the site is not created to support Google, a reporting tool such as Google Analytics will not be able to work with Chinese website. A tool that would support Baidu search in this case would be Baidu Analytics.

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