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Don’t Wait Until Last Minute – Register Your UA by 2 April

Don’t Wait Until Last Minute – Register Your UA by 2 April
In partnership with SGAG, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) once again reminds all Singaporeans to register their unmanned aircraft (UA) by 2 April 2020. Two meme reminders were recently posted on SGAG’s Facebook page. It earned a total of nearly 400 reactions and 100 comments on the social media channel. The first meme was posted on 6 March with the caption: “Some people really love to wait until last minute. Remind ten times, always say LATER la! Unmanned aircraft must be registered by 2 April 2020 hor… !”
Another meme was published on Wednesday with the caption: “Note to self: REGISTER unmanned aircraft before 2 April 2020…!”
If you have not registered your unmanned aircraft (UA) yet, visit now for more information.

Operating an Unregistered UA will be an Offence Starting 2 April 2020

In a press release on December 2019, CAAS announced that:
Any UA including radio-controlled aircraft, drones and remote-controlled kites, with a total weight above 250 grams, must be registered with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore before it can be operated in Singapore. Registrants must be 16 years old and above.
Users below the age of 16 must “ensure that the UA they are flying are registered by someone eligible (e.g. parent or legal guardian) and have obtained his/her permission to use it,” based on the UA regulatory requirements. UA users were given a three-month grace period from 2 January to 2 April 2020 to register their UA. By then, it will be an offence to operate an unregistered UA. “Offenders could face a fine of up to $10,000, or imprisonment not exceeding 6 months, or both,” according to the same press release. For more information on UA registration, regulatory requirements and flying dos and dont’s, visit To begin the online registration, visit the UA Portal at this link.

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