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Increase Your Overseas Sales with Regional Marketing Solutions

Discover how to effectively reach into APAC market with regional marketing solutions. Talk to IH Digital specialists today!

ASEAN market has been rapidly growing and offers enormous potential for business expansion. With levels of urbanisation, consumerism and lifestyle needs within Asia, the growth opportunities are appealing for businesses to expand.

But expanding your business into foreign markets can be challenging due to the cultural gaps, language barriers and the complexity of understanding the customers’ buying behaviour from the targeted region.

Discover how to effectively reach into APAC market with regional marketing solutions. Talk to IH Digital specialists today!

Yet, many businesses tend to underestimate the complicated market across Asia and fail to build a relationship with local partners due to the lack of knowledge and experience in ASEAN marketing.

Maintaining relationships with customers in ASEAN markets require a nuanced understanding and strategic approach. In IH Digital, we provide end-to-end regional marketing solutions for your business.

Benefits of Doing Marketing with IH Digital

As marketing constantly evolves with digital landscape, partnering with a local digital marketing agency has a crucial role to play for regional marketing solutions. IH Digital is a digital marketing agency with 7 operating offices across Asia and a strong presence in digital marketing.

End-to-End Digital Marketing Solutions

Besides providing a strategic approach in the digital marketing campaign that will increase brand recognition, IH Digital also scrutiny customers’ feedback and insights with its ability to garner engagement in social media.

With digital marketing specialists on APAC marketing and expertise in 8 languages (English, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Bahasa Melayu & Bahasa Indonesia), IH Digital has proven track record to expand into markets where demand is identified.

Learn From Sanitarium

Sanitarium, one of the well-recognized brands in Australia which produces a wide range of breakfast cereals and vegetarian products engages with IH Digital to expand brands awareness into ASEAN markets.

IH Digital provides regional marketing solutions for Sanitarium’s digital marketing campaign via Facebook & Instagram page management across Singapore, Hongkong, and Thailand.

Facebook content creation for Thailand, Singapore & Hong Kong market
Facebook content creation for Thailand, Singapore & Hong Kong market | Regional Marketing Strategy
IH Digital significantly increase Sanitarium’s brand awareness into ASEAN market by utilising various regional marketing strategy suitable for Sanitarium in the targeted market, this includes language localisation in content creation for Facebook marketing. IH Digital also deploys influencer marketing campaign on Instagram to raise awareness & engagement.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing | Regional Marketing Strategy


IH Digital managed to engage with one of Singapore’s prominent celebrity, Fann Wong. She is the first Singaporean actress to break into Hollywood, famously known as Chon Lin in Shanghai Knights. A single sponsored post Fann Wong posted on her Instagram gained over 180,000 impressions and over 5,000 likes.

Sanitarium Facebook pages in Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong gained an overall of over 500,000 in reach monthly by employing strategic media buy, enhancing awareness & engagement.

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