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Engaging, Short-Videos: The Rakyat Post’s Key in Promoting Factual COVID Updates in Malaysia

Video Marketing in Malaysia: The Rakyat Post’s Antibody Facts campaign | Digital 38

Discover the wonders of video marketing for your brand’s goals with this example from The Rakyat Post in Malaysia.  

The Rakyat Post’s Video Campaign About Antibodies 

Malaysian digital authority The Rakyat Post wants the public to know the importance of getting tested for COVID-19 during the height of the pandemic. They also want to educate their audiences about antibodies, a crucial component of our immune system. Specifically, how they can determine your immune response when infected with COVID-19.  

And above all, The Rakyat Post wanted their message sent across to a wide and diverse audience without compromising accuracy, credibility and quality. So, they turned to video marketing. 

The Rakyat Post published an informative and engaging video discussing in simple yet packed details about antibodies, and why Malaysian audiences must get tested for COVID-19.  

The video was posted not only on YouTube but also on top social networking sites in Malaysia such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Telegram. Doing so helped The Rakyat Post expand their reach, ensuring that their Malaysian followers and the general public can watch and learn something valuable about their health.  

Videos on SNS: Short but Powerful  

Short-form videos on social networking sites are not only a growing trend. But they also serve as opportunities for brands in achieving their business goals. Short but engaging; quick but powerful, videos like the ones published by The Rakyat Post can bring a lot of benefits to help your brand boost online exposure, earn more followers, and ultimately grow.  

If you want to know more about how brands leverage video marketing for audiences in Malaysia, click the links below.  

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