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Find Out How a Digital Marketing Agency Helped Abbott

digital marketing agency helping abbott pharma

Bringing Pharmaceuticals into Social Media

With more and more companies getting in on digital marketing, it makes sense that pharmaceutical companies would want to leverage a competitive digital marketing strategy with the help of a digital marketing agency

The Challenges Pharmaceuticals Face when Marketing Online

Alluring as it may be, pharmaceutical digital marketing can be difficult, even for a seasoned digital marketing agency

One misstep in marketing and advertising medications online can directly affect a person’s life. This is precisely why regulations are set to gatekeep what is shown online. What’s more, rules governing pharmaceutical digital marketing vary from country to country, making it all the more difficult to digitally market such products overseas. 

Due to its highly regulated market, most digital marketers tread on lightly when taking on pharmaceutical companies.

How Can Pharmaceutical Companies Enter Digital Marketing? 

Even though pharmaceutical digital marketing poses a difficult challenge, it’s not impossible. Below are the essential steps on how new players can enter the arena: 

pharma companies doing social media and digital campaigns#1 Set Your Objectives Clearly

Ask yourself, why does your company want to enter the world of digital marketing? Is the purpose to engage with a wider audience, to sway their decision, or to drive sales? 

Whatever the choice is, you need to set the objective clearly because each objective might require a different strategy and platform. You can either leverage search marketing or display marketing. 

Once you choose your objective, asking the help of a digital marketing agency with a 360 approach like IH Digital can further help you reach your goals. 

#2 Strategize Campaign and Drive Results

There are many ways to increase a product’s awareness. One campaign strategy is how IH Digital helped Abbott, a US-based health care and pharmaceutical company, increase their product SURBEX® Zinc’s awareness in Malaysia through YouTube, the top video sharing platform online. 

Using an eye-catching creative as well as strategic media buying, SURBEX® Zinc’s video ad garnered almost 400k views in only two months. Not only did the video catch the viewer’s attention, but it also led the viewer to their website, leading to a substantial amount of website traffic. 

YouTube ad made by IH Digital for AbbottOne of the three YouTube ads made by IH Digital for Abbott | Digital Marketing Agency

Of course, there are a lot more ways to spread products awareness such as content marketing, social media marketing, search marketing, and the like. But all these would not have been achieved without IH Digital’s 360 package which includes campaign consultationmedia planning and buying, and content creation. 

#3 Review Campaign

After everything has been set and done, it is crucial to see whether or not your campaign reached your target KPI. This analysis leaves room for future improvement. 

IH Digital used more than just one way in spreading the awareness of SURBEX® Zinc. To further widen the scope, IH Digital featured four Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) using the product in an article placed on OhBulan!, a Malay entertainment website. 

Article on OHBULAN!An article on OHBULAN! featuring four celebrities using SURBEX® Zinc | IH Digital | Digital Marketing Agency

Within less than a month, the story had at least 20k views. The result well exceeded the initial target of 15k story views. Afterwards, IH Digital proceeded to expand the reach using social media marketing through a Facebook and Twitter shout out. 

SURBEX® Zinc product review articleThe SURBEX® Zinc product review article with a Facebook Shout out on OHBULAN! IH Digital | Digital Marketing Agency

With the right tools to measure a campaign’s success, you can analyse data for the improvement of your future campaigns.

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