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Online Marketing: Explore 3 Wall Contest Mechanisms this year

online-marketing-wall-contest-mechanismsFacebook Contest is vital in amplifying your brand campaign. Explore the different wall contest mechanisms and execute a great online marketing campaign.

We have experienced how marketers are aggressively injecting the festive spirit into their digital marketing strategy this Chinese New Year. This strategy is definitely a must if you intend to promote your brand message to your social media fans. Facebook contest is an essential online marketing strategy to promote your brand and reward fans for their unwavering support on social media. In our previous article, we shared the importance of adding a motion graphic animated GIF to boost the social media marketing. While there are limitless contest mechanics that anyone can come up with, only a few stand out in capturing audiences’ attention and efforts.

Facebook Contest as an Online Marketing Strategy

Listed below are three interesting mechanisms incorporated in wall contests, created in partnership with IH Digital, an online marketing agency in Malaysia. These mechanisms are the ones that resonate very well with social media-savvy audiences.

  1. Count and Win Contest!

    Honda Malaysia utilised the “Count and Win” mechanism, whereby the fans have to take a close look at the motion graphic animation in order to participate in the contest. This mechanism works very well in sustaining the audience’s attention.

    Count how many times the Rooster appear on the bowl in order to win an amazing prize from Honda Malaysia

  2. Comment and Win Contest!

    Merries Malaysia and Kate Singapore incorporated a different contest mechanism, “Comment and Win”. Social media fans are encouraged to share their stories by commenting and tagging their friends. Encouraging participants to tag few of their friends is also an effective way to drive viewers to like and follow your business page.

    Fans were encouraged to comment why Merries Diapers is their top choice this Chinese New Year and tag other parents to share good news and fortune with.

    Fan are encouraged to share which eyeliner look they would wear for the upcoming Lunar New Year.

  3. Screenshot and Win Contest!

    Filial Piety Singapore puts a twist to the motion graphic animated Facebook contest. The motion graphic consists of a series of static images, depicting the usual Chinese new Year activities. The social media fans will have to stop the animation and take a screenshot of the image shown. Following that, they will need to share the screenshot in order to win the contest. This mechanism allows the motion graphic animation to serve as a contest tool on top of acting as a visual.

    Enhance online marketing strategy with IH Digital

    If you are looking forward to launch an interesting wall contest that could jump start your brand, team up with IH Digital. Inquire with us today.