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Online Marketing Campaign: UNIQLO Malaysia wall contest

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Facebook wall contests are highly popular across social media platforms for online marketing campaigns. It is an essential social media marketing strategy to send your brand message to your social media savvy audience, as well as to drive engagement and potential audiences to business pages. Most marketers often use this tool as a digital marketing strategy to trigger brand loyalty by constantly rewarding fans for their unwavering support.

We all know that engagement videos are powerful enough to tell a story differently on social media. From the online marketing perspective, the potency of engagement videos can usually grasp the attention of social media users rather than image or text alone. GIFs or Graphic Interchange Format are easy to consume for social media users within a spur of moment. Besides, GIFs have the ability to stimulate emotional impact towards audiences in the imagery world that people wouldn’t have necessarily noticed in still images.

Therefore, the integration of wall contests and GIFs is certainly the best of both worlds to create a successful online marketing campaign for business pages.

Uniqlo Malaysia recently utilised the ‘Comment and Win’ wall contest mechanism incorporating three GIFs to showcase their latest sports collection for the audience. They used their products to create a sports-related moving image for the fans as a styling guide. The contest encourages participants to find out the sports they are imitating in the GIF, the fans needed to provide their answers and tag three friends. The campaign was successful with its high engagement rate and social actions.

The contest GIF emulating sports in the gym garnered 9,869 social actions.

The contest GIF on the second week imitating football sports with Uniqlo’s sports collection gathered 9,412 social actions.

During the final week of the contest, the yoga GIF posting collected 10,395 social actions being the most participated contest post throughout the campaign.

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