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PUB Singapore: Unscramble with Water Wally!

online-marketing-campaign-pub-singapore-animationPUB Singapore release a new series of animations and a YouTube Contest to promote public awareness in their new online marketing campaign

In 2014, PUB Singapore jumped on the bandwagon by publishing videos on YouTube as part of its online marketing strategy to increase the public awareness of water sustainability in Singapore. With the support from IH Digital, an online marketing agency in Malaysia, PUB Singapore built up its YouTube presence and released several well-received animations, featuring the adorable Water Wally.

In conjunction with releasing these engaging videos, PUB Singapore organised several different contests as part of its content marketing strategy to bring across the organisational message in a fun and engaging manner. In doing so, PUB Singapore encourages its social media fans to watch the animations attentively and engage with the page actively.

Driven by the success of the previous campaigns, PUB Singapore has worked with IH Digital in releasing a new series of animations for the “Unscramble with Water Wally” contest. Participants will simply have to subscribe to the channel, look out for the hidden letters in the animations, unscramble them and submit their answers in the comments section. Participants are then given the chance to win CapitaLand Mall Vouchers and Water Wally merchandise. This digital marketing campaign aims to reward the subscribers for their active participation and increase public awareness of Singapore’s efforts in ensuring water sustainability.

In this animation, the letters appear each time Water Wally picked out an object in the mall.

In this Christmas themed animation, Water Wally is seen unwrapping his presents. The letters appear each time a present is unwrapped. This animation also served as a seasonal greeting to its viewers.

In this animation, Water Wally is seen enjoying his picnic at one of the water bodies in Singapore. Together with the iconic smooth-coated otters, this animation accurately depicts Singapore’s unique landscape with residential estates near the water catchments. The hidden letters are shaped like clouds for the viewers to spot and unscramble.

Video Production for Online Marketing

Animations present dynamic content in a fun and engaging way, allowing the brands to share their messages and create a long lasting impression.

Eucerin’s illustrated animation and MSF’s filial piety illustrated animation are great examples to showcase how brand messages can be injected into animations.

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