Online Marketing: A Digital Magazine to Promote Uniqlo’s Latest Collection

Online-Marketing-emagazine-uniqloUniqlo Malaysia releases an e-magazine for its latest spring clothing collection as part of its online marketing efforts. Learn about its benefits today!

Uniqlo Malaysia took an unprecedented move in its latest online marketing campaign by releasing an interactive digital magazine. By uploading this e-magazine as a Facebook App, Uniqlo Malaysia allows it to reach out to the masses on social media. This content marketing strategy was executed by IH Digital, an online marketing agency in Malaysia.

The e-magazine enables fans to find out about the background of the designer, Hana Tajima as well as the inspiration behind her latest collection. With the motivation to integrate comfort and versatility, every garment has been designed with care to convey a refined and timeless feel. Photographs and tutorial videos are embed throughout the digital magazine, providing their Facebook fans with ideas on how they can match the different garments to create different styles and looks.

Using E-Magazines in your Online Marketing Strategy

This online marketing strategy is exceptional as Uniqlo Malaysia managed to share a lot about their products while sustaining the audience’s attention on a social media platform. On top of standing out among the crowd, there are several benefits that came along with this content marketing strategy.

  1. Cost-effective and Eco-friendly

    There is no need for paper and ink for an e-magazine. There is no need for mass printing. You just need to create a copy of the e-magazine and upload it onto the Internet. On top of that, you can easily update your e-magazine. Just imagine the cost and resources you are saving by opting to create a digital magazine instead of a printed brochure.

  1. Breathtaking Reading Experience 

    With vivid visuals and a melodic audio embedded, readers are in for a treat. As seen in Uniqlo’s digital magazine, the collection comes to life. With the designer personally explaining how you can pair up different colours, you can feel her passion in creating this collection. This interactive digital magazine can help your brand convey your brand message effectively.

  1. Greater Audience Reach

    Digital magazines can be easily accessed on tablet, smartphones and other digital platforms anywhere. By sharing your digital magazine as a Facebook App, you can easily reach out to thousands and even millions of social media users. You can even count on your fans to share and promote your e-magazine further.

Enhance your online marketing campaign with IH Digital

Are you still wondering how to integrate e-magazines as part of your online marketing campaign? Let IH Digital, a trust digital marketing agency, help you with the production process. Inquire with us today.